Naomi Yang is a video director, photographer, and graphic designer. She is also a musician, formerly of Galaxie 500, currently of Damon & Naomi.

She has directed music videos for various musical artists including Steve Gunn, Lee Ranaldo, Waxahachie, Mary Lattimore, Meg Baird, Julie Holter, and Heather Trost, and for independent record labels such as Merge, Drag City, Matador, Mute, and Rough Trade. Her abiding interest in fashion and design has led her to direct a series of promotional videos for noted New York womenswear designer Gary Graham, as well as Los Angeles menswear label and retailer Virgil Normal.

Her dreamlike, narrative short film Fortune was screened as part of Damon & Naomi concerts around the world in 2014-2016. A current working film project is her documentary essay/portrait of a historic Boston boxing gym.

Naomi was a member of the critically lauded 80s indie band Galaxie 500. The band’s recordings on Rough Trade records (Today, On Fire and This is Our Music) have continued to grow in influence and esteem since their original release. Her musical career continues to the present day as she records, performs and tours worldwide as a member of Damon & Naomi.

She is a graphic designer of books, music and other media, with an ongoing role as designer for the John Cage Trust. She has designed all the publications of her (co-owned) experimental small press Exact Change, as well as designing the various Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi record releases and related ephemera.

She was born in New York City and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.